Why you shouldn’t remove your skin tags yourself

Many people experience skin tags at some point in their lives. These small, benign growths often appear in areas where the skin folds, causing discomfort and sometimes embarrassment. Some resort to DIY methods like cutting them off with scissors or nail clippers to get rid of them quickly.

However, such at-home procedures are risky. This article explores the potential dangers of DIY skin tag removal and highlights the benefits of seeking in-clinic treatment.

What are skin tags?

Skin tags, medically known as acrochordons, are small, benign growths of skin that typically appear in areas where the skin folds, such as the neck, armpits, groin, and under the breasts. They are usually flesh-coloured or slightly darker and can vary in size from a few millimetres to a few centimetres.

While they are not harmful, many people choose to remove them for aesthetic reasons or because they can be irritated by clothing or jewellery.

Risks and dangers of DIY skin tag removal

Removing skin tags yourself might seem like a simple solution, but it has several potential risks and dangers.


Infection is one of the most significant risks associated with DIY skin tag removal. Home removal methods often involve cutting, tying off, or using over-the-counter solutions; none guarantee a sterile environment.

Even if you use clean instruments, there’s a high risk of introducing bacteria to the wound, leading to infection. Infections can cause redness, swelling, and pain and, in severe cases, can spread to other parts of the body, requiring medical intervention.

Bleeding and scarring

Skin tags have a blood supply, and improper removal can lead to significant bleeding. Using sharp instruments at home without the proper expertise can result in excessive bleeding, which can be difficult to control.

Furthermore, DIY removal methods can damage the surrounding skin, increasing the likelihood of scarring. Scars from improper removal can be more unsightly than the original skin tag and may take a long time to heal.


A critical danger of removing skin tags yourself is the potential for misdiagnosis. What you assume to be a harmless skin tag could be another type of skin growth that may require a different treatment approach.

Some skin cancers, like melanoma, can resemble skin tags in their early stages. Without a professional diagnosis, you risk removing a potentially malignant growth, delaying necessary medical treatment, and jeopardising your health.

Pain and discomfort

DIY skin tag removal can be painful. Home methods often lack proper pain management, resulting in significant discomfort during and after the procedure. Using inadequate tools and techniques can exacerbate the pain and lead to prolonged discomfort as the area heals.

Benefits of professional skin tag removal

Choosing to have your skin tags removed by a professional has benefits that outweigh the convenience of DIY methods.

Accurate diagnosis

One of the primary benefits of professional removal is the accurate diagnosis of skin growth. A dermatologist can examine the skin tag to ensure it is benign and not something more serious, like skin cancer. With this professional assessment, you can have peace of mind and ensure you receive the appropriate treatment.

Safe and sterile environment

Professional skin tag removal is conducted in a safe and sterile environment, minimising the risk of infection. Dermatologists use sterilised instruments and follow stringent hygiene protocols to prevent bacterial contamination. This controlled environment significantly reduces the risk of developing post-removal complications.

Minimising pain and discomfort

Professionals use appropriate anaesthesia or numbing agents to ensure the removal process is as painless as possible. They may use topical creams or local injections for pain management to ensure you are comfortable during and after the procedure.

Lower risk of complications

With professional removal, the risk of complications such as excessive bleeding, infection, and scarring is significantly reduced. Dermatologists are trained to perform the procedure efficiently and safely, ensuring that the surrounding skin remains unharmed and that the healing process is swift and uneventful.

Get professional skin tag removal in Singapore

Choosing professional skin tag removal over DIY methods reduces the risks of infection, misdiagnosis, pain, and scarring. Trusting your skincare to professionals ensures you receive the best possible treatment, protecting your health and enhancing your well-being.

If you are considering removing your skin tags, consult DermAlly for expert skin tag removal services in Singapore. Our skin specialists provide accurate diagnoses and skin tag removal using laser or surgical techniques to ensure minimal discomfort and quick recovery. Our team of experienced dermatologists is dedicated to maintaining your skin’s health and beauty in a safe, sterile, and comfortable environment.

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