Moles, otherwise known as melanocytic naevus, are common skin lesions that result from a local overgrowth of pigment cells. They may be present from birth (congenital melanocytic naevi, but are often acquired later on in life.

While most moles are benign (non-cancerous), some may evolve into a cancer known as “melanoma”.


The typical mole presents as a small brown spot that is flat. However, moles can vary in appearance. They may be skin-coloured, blue, black or pink. Moles can also be raised and may sometimes have hair growing from them.

Small flat brown spot


Benign moles can be left alone. However, they can be removed if they are a nuisance (e.g. if they keep catching on your razor while shaving or if they often get caught in your clothing), or if they are deemed cosmetically unacceptable. Laser or surgery can be performed to remove moles.

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