Morpheus8V, FormaV and VTone from InMode are non-surgical technological solutions for vaginal rejuvenation.

Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation​

Morpheus8V is an intravaginal radiofrequency microneedling treatment. It provides the collagen boost for incontinence, loss of vaginal collagen (vulvovaginal atrophy), and vaginal muscle relaxation symptoms (collapsed pelvic floors) increasing lubrication and renewed thickness, strength and tone in the vaginal walls and labia.

FormaV delivers radiofrequency energy into the tissue with a gentle sweeping motion throughout the vagina and the vulva. This procedure safely and effectively heats the tissue which increases blood flow, collagen, and elastin throughout the treated area.

VTone is a vaginal rejuvenation technology that provides electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to rehabilitate weak pelvic floor muscles. An applicator is gently inserted into the vagina, which emits waves that stimulate and contract the muscles. This treatment strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, tightens the vagina, and reduces urinary incontinence.

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